Anyone knowledgeable about <
# openroad
Anyone knowledgeable about ? More specifically why the Docker Openlane seem to not be hitting it (I'm assuming it doesn't since people manage to run it ...), but my local build does ?
are you building the same commit of OR in both?
No, the OpenLane docker commit segfaults in spdlog for me ... that particular bug seems fixed in newer openroad but then I hit that CTS issue ... and if I try to pull also a newer OpenLane, then I hit yet another crash somewhere else ...
Things change all the time so different issues can arise. You need to provide a test case for someone to look at in your issue
Pretty sure it's a known issue by now. Analyzing the core file shows that a well pin
was used as the clock buffer input pin which is obviously wrong. And I seem to see several recent changes in openlane and open_pdks to provide openroad with modified/patches lef files that don't have those pins so as not to trigger that crash. Now that a
tag has been added, to openlane, I'm updating all the tools (including openroad) and PDK to the commit referenced in that tagged version, hopefully this will yield a combination that doesn't crash.
Thanks for pointing out the or_issue script though, that seems very useful for the future. Reproducing crash in OR triggered by openlane was always an issue with all the env it sets up ...