<@U018LA3KZCJ> STA is taking quite a while on rece...
# openroad
@User STA is taking quite a while on recent versions of openlane. A quick profile shows almost all time in `odb: dbModule:removeInst`:
I haven't been able to reproduce it with upstream OpenROAD, perhaps it's been fixed
STA doesn't remove instances so something doesn't add up. That API did come up in another context as needing to be sped up but nothing has happened yet
@User Yeah something doesn't add up. Trying to get a test case together
I think part of the issue is we are doing 3x more STA runs as a result of https://github.com/The-OpenROAD-Project/OpenLane/commit/b73708657657af6c1d7626ff8d390adc982627db#diff-4e5e255b90b9cb5c3f3[…]bf60b7331680fc23ab541R82 For each min/nom/max SPEF corner, we run a multi corner STA with ss/tt/ff liberty, so 9 corners.
@User doing all corner STA runs in parallel would be a nice optimisation. I'm not sure how easy it is to do in TCL though