Has anyone seen this on recent tapeout jobs? This ...
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Has anyone seen this on recent tapeout jobs? This is for a chipignite project, the most recent one 2306Q. Apparently analog support is paused until the tapeout version is updated. Any ETA on that?
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[05/09/23 08:48:53 PDT] FAILED
STDOUT: {{Project Local Info}} submission.tar.gz
STDOUT: {{Tapeout Failed}} This version of tapeout does not support analog projects, please try again later.
@jeffdi who should I contact to get the above tapeout issue resolved for 2306Q?
Hi Jordan. Sorry for the issue with the analog tapeout. We are updating Caravan and I will let you know when it is ready. We can rerun your tapeout for you at that time if needed.
If you can let me know when it's ready, that's good enough, and I can re-run it. I still have plenty of updates to make to my design in the meantime. I just wanted to push the current design through the tapeout job since I saw it was available this week, with the intention of getting ahead of the tapeout job debugging I normally encounter close to the submission deadline.
@Jordan, sorry for the massive turnaround time; however, we are good to go now. The current version of
brings back support for
projects. Apologies for the inconvenience. Let us know if you need anything else.