<@U016HSAH6AE>: Are you suggesting that it worked...
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@Philipp Gühring: Are you suggesting that it worked prior to (or some time prior to) rev 8.3.368? I find it surprising because there should be no difference between reading commands off of the command line and reading commands out of a file. The only think I can think of is that the separation of commands into separate lines is at issue when using
. Try putting all commands on one line separated by
or on multiple lines separated by
(as magic interprets backslash-newline as a line continuation). Does that work?
The above trick is what I do in Makefile recipes that invoke magic using
<< EOL ...  EOL
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I think that I had it working somewhere before 8.3.368, but I am not 100% sure. Could it be that the before or after the -rcfile parsing something changes the state of magic? I'll try to create a small reproducible example.
One problem could be that I generated the file with DRC errors but without << checkpaint >> so magic thinks that the file is DRC clean.
https://pdk.libresilicon.com/magicdrc.zip <-- Just run the reproduce.sh
Perhaps a "drc invalidate" command would be nice that tells the DRC engine that it has to start fresh from scratch. But the commands I am sending. I don't like about the checkpaint that I have to give it a rectangle which has the risk that it might be too small.
"checkpaint" should force the DRC engine to run as soon as you turn it on. "drc check" should be the equivalent of your suggested "drc invalidate"---it will invalidate DRC and re-run all checks. The commands you're using and their sequence appear to be correct. The other possibility is that all these commands are non-blocking (although I thought that "drc catchup" is supposed to be blocking). If so, it might reach the end of the script and exit without waiting for the DRC to finish---except that was what "drc catchup" is supposed to prevent. That was what made me wonder if it's an issue of how the commands are passed to stdin.
I tried adding checkpaint now, but it doesn't help. I also reduced the tcl file now to this minimum: load INV.mag ; select top cell ; drc check ; drc catchup ; drc count total ; exit
Yes, it could be some race condition with the commands being passed in. I think I remember having had the behaviour that it sometimes worked and it sometimes didn't.
The faster you pass in the commands (in just one line), likely the worse.
This is a suggestion for debugging, not a solution, but try adding a line
after 1000
(1 second forced delay).
Still doesn't work: load INV.mag ; select top cell ; drc check ; after 10000 ; drc catchup ; drc count total ; exit
(even with 10 seconds)
It really delays for 10 seconds
I have updated the https://pdk.libresilicon.com/magicdrc.zip now with the minimized example for easier debugging
It had taken me quite a long time to figure out that the behviour is different for -rcfile and STDIN. I have implemented the workaround with the rcfiles into my flow now, so it's not urgent to get it fixed for me anymore.