Hi All, I am completely new to circuit design, an...
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Hi All, I am completely new to circuit design, and we started using the sky130 process for our design since it has the option for a mix-signal design using a reram cell. I installed xschem, magic and open-pdk an ngspice-38 using ADMS. However, when i tried to simulate the I-V output for the reram cell i got the following error on ngspice: The first issue: % l_s_d(): Symbol not found: /home/schippes/share/xschem/xschem_library/devices/vsource.sym l_s_d(): Symbol not found: /home/schippes/share/xschem/xschem_library/devices/vsource.sym However, the library for the reram is installed with other sky130 libraries in my local directory not the path given in the error message.when I press on the current/voltage source and edit the path for vsource to be my local directory for vsource I got the following error: Circuit: ** sch_path: /home/eda_work/eman/hassan/open_pdks/sources/xschem_sky130/sky130_tests/tb_reram.sch Error on line 3 or its substitute: n1 top 0 sky130_fd_pr_reram__reram_model unknown device type - error The simulation interrupted due to an error!. I am not sure what is the problem and how i can fix it. Appreciate your help in this regard. Note : I installed the open_pdk, sxchem and ngspice using the following video instructions:


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Install xschem + xschem_sky130 + skywater-pdk + ngspice on your linux system