Yuan Mei

03/29/2023, 1:21 AM
What is the minimum size of via4, actually? The documentation says 0.8um, but
insists >1.18um
:drc why via4 width < 1.18um (via4.1 + 2*via4.4)
I have already enclosed via4 with sufficient met4 and met5.

Jecel Assumpção Jr

03/29/2023, 1:31 AM
via4.1=0.800µm and via4.4=0.190µm, so the equation via4.1+2*via4.4 adds up to 1.180µm
note that the magic via4 layer is a logical thing and includes both the hole (via4.1) and the surrounding metal4 (via4.4 on both sides). When editing in magic you only see a big square, but when you generate the GDS file you will see a smaller square inside a big square

Yuan Mei

03/29/2023, 1:41 AM
OK, so the physical hole (the pillar between layers) is 0.8um W/L. extra 0.19um on each side is needed there to make contacts. Then, the hole-edge to hole-edge spacing can be as small as 0.8um according to
It makes sense now. Thanks.