Is it possible to see our chip along with the RDL ...
# mpw-2-silicon
Is it possible to see our chip along with the RDL and solder bump layers? Each slot has the full caravel with IOs, but I'm wanting to poke around the packing too. (This is mostly as an example for my class...)
By "see", do you mean that you want a picture or rendering of the die?
@Tim Edwards I want to open the layout ideally
The bump bond layout is for a different vendor and different process, so it's a separate file. I added some layers in the tech file for magic to accommodate the bump bonding masks, so you can view both at the same time. But you will need to read in the bump bond GDS and overlay the caravel top level (presumably this can be done in klayout as well, although I haven't tried it). You can find the GDS for the bump bonding in the
repository under
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I remember also seeing the die plot in the caravel harness documentation: