Hello, <@U016EM8L91B>, I have a type of bug with t...
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Hello, @Tim Edwards, I have a type of bug with this design, the gds keeps generating and the entire program crashes, but with the N=3 and N=7 oscillator I had no problem, so I don't know what it could be.
Looks like a combination of a bug in the "flatten" command code plus a very poorly-thought out double loop in the GDS write routine (both of which relate to ports, so they're both my fault). Quick description of the problem: The ports in
got assigned numbers at the upper range of an unsigned integer. Quick fix: Edit inverter_blo.mag and find the two lines:
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port 1073741821 nsew
port 1073741823 nsew
and change them to
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port 0 nsew
port 1 nsew
I, for my part, will have to fix both issues in the code.
I'm not sure where the port numbers are getting messed up, but I did fix the stupidly coded loop in the GDS write routine, so that won't happen in the future. FYI: You probably should not be writing GDS from a flattened layout. The only reason to flatten a layout is to run full R-C extraction on it. For everything else, you want to keep the hierarchy.