Hi guys, Are there any team that are looking for a...
# ieee-sscs-dc-23
Hi guys, Are there any team that are looking for a new member for the Chipathon. I am an Analog Mixed Signal IC Designer. I have more than 2 years sectoral experience. I am also pursuing my master in the field of electronics engineering ( Analog IC Design). I designed different analog block; However; I do not have too much experience with open source tools. ( I used cadence) I can design input MUX, output buffers, ADC or DAC for this contest. I have experience with output buffer and input stages ( I designed 12.5GHz LVDS TX, 4Gbps Receiver with CTLE). I am currently working on 50 MSps 12 bit SAR ADC (bottom plate sampling). Therefore, my priority would be ADC. However, as I mentioned I can be in the DAC team or input / output teams as well. I am waiting for response from you guys. If you consider we can set a zoom meeting as well to discuss the projects.
Hi there. I'm still looking for a team as well. Can I join with you @alper.kurt? Currently, I'm still trying to get used to the open source tools. I have several times using xschem and ngspice using FOSS-Conda installation flow (you can see here: https://github.com/proppy/conda-eda/releases/tag/v0.0-1452-g75fd8b9)