Amr Gouhar

02/09/2021, 2:47 PM
@User: You can use OpenLane to do that, starting rc7 (going to the v0.x). You can run it interactively:
./flow.tcl -it
package require openlane
set ::env(TAKE_LAYOUT_SCROT) 1
set ::env(KLAYOUT_TECH) <point to the .lyt file in the open_pdks/sky130/klayout directory or the sky130A/>
set ::env(klayout_log_file_tag) <where to print the logs>
set ::env(TERMINAL_OUTPUT) /dev/null
scrot_klayout -layout <point to your layout>
You can control the width and height of the image by changing these values: They are not exposed as configuration variables at the moment.
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