Darshak Doshi

03/18/2021, 6:40 PM
Hi all, I am seeing units mismatch between spectre model file and schematic parameters when using nmos_tt.pm3 and pmos_tt.pm3 when using Cadence design tools. "/process/hosted/skywater/s130/oa/V2.0.0/s130/MODELS/V3.0.1/SPECTRE/S130//./../S130X/nmos_tt.pm3" 49: tb_passgate.I0.MN8:  The length, width, or area of the instance does not fit the given lmax-lmin, wmax-wmin, or areamax-areamin range for any model in the `tb_passgate.I0.MN8.nmos_model' group. The channel width is 4.200000e-01 and length is 1.500000e-01. Specify channel width and length that do not exceed the referenced maximal area Lmax=1.000000e-04, Lmin=1.500000e-07, Wmax=1.000000e-04,and Wmin=3.600000e-07. You can choose the nearest model by setting the value of `soft_bin' option to `allmodels' I am using "pmos" and "nmos" pcells (multi finger devices)? Do they have some known issues? Has anyone seen this issue?