Stefan Schippers

02/09/2021, 3:45 PM
@User for the check_schematic_out_of_date I can easily add any metadata (as comments) in the netlist to make it very easy to search for all the subschematics (for example print the full path of all schematic files that are used to build the hierarchic netlist). I am not very used to python, although understanding what it does seems easy. Batch mode netlisting when needed is also easy to do, the most general call is:
xschem --rcfile <xschemrc file> -n -s -q <top sch file> --netlist_path <path> -N <netlist filename>
where : • -n :do netlist • -s: spice netlist • -q: quit after doing things • <top sch file>: the top level (.sch) schematic file • --rcfile: use specified xschemrc project configure file • --netlist_path: place netlist in specified directory • -N: use specified name for top level netlist