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# xschem
@User: Quick question for you. I'm enabling xschem on the efabless platform. The default setup of the design environment there is to run a project manager app, and that app wants to redirect stdout to /dev/null. The project manager launches apps using python "subprocess" calls. With that setup, when launching xschem from the project manager, the Tcl interpreter prompt for xschem is getting redirected to /dev/null. Do you see any serious issue with this? It looks to me like it should be okay for the average user, that everything that needs to be done in xschem can be reached from the GUI, without any specific need to use the command line prompt. If somebody really needed to access the interpreter command line directly, they could always just bring up a terminal and run xschem from the command line. Mostly the point of the project manager app is to simplify things for the non-power-user.