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# xschem
@User @User to run xschem with the skywater-pdk process, first install xschem, ngspice and magic using the git repositories and compiling from source, then install open_pdks, preferably installing in /usr/local (the default) or in your home directory, then create an empty directory, copy the template xschemrc there:
mkdir xschem_sky130_example
cd xschem_sky130_example
cp .../share/pdk/sky130A/libs.tech/xschem/xschemrc .
export PDK_ROOT=.../share/pdk
in above lines replace '...' with the actual path prefix where open_pdks is installed. If you do so xschem will open with a sample top page, there are numerous examples there, take one of the simple examples and try to simulate it. Another suggestion: do not post screenshots , just copy / paste the 2/3 error lines. The process is documented in this


at 5:40. The only addition w.r.t. the video is the PDK_ROOT variable, which is needed if open_pdks is not installed into /usr/local or in $HOME.