Hi everyone, I thought I would introduce myself. I...
# general
Hi everyone, I thought I would introduce myself. I am an electronics engineer with a PhD in semiconductor device fabrication, though I have no experience with CMOS or ASIC design. I am very interested in contributing in some way, as I am currently working on low power miniature marine sensors and acoustic communications (kHz carrier frequencies, low bit rate), and its very hard to solve these kinds of problems (low power, space constrained, custom analog circuitry) without designing an ASIC. I don't have budget to produce an asic or even commercial tools, so I am very excited by open source hardware and the skywater pdk. For me I don't actually need working chips, but rather would like to contribute in some way so that open source IPs and tools exist to solve problems like mine. For me, the critical building blocks for the kind of ASIC I would like to make are ROM macros and DACs, and low speed analog such as opamps and comparators. If anyone would like to collaborate on an open source ROM macro generator, or a DAC (i.e. R2R) generation script, or share a chip layout to verify these blocks, please message me. Thanks!