09/30/2020, 2:08 AM
VSDOpen is Global. Read more about VSDOpen2020 in below Semi, EDACafe and ESDAlliance websites 1) 2) 3) VSDOpen2020 is the only online open-source hardware and VLSI event, focused on EDA, Analog, Digital and RISC-V. Something which you might never forget. Registration for VSDOpen tutorials closes in 5-days. Here's the link to register for tutorials VSDOpen tutorials will be on below topics using unique cloud based VSD-IAT platform with tightly coupled labs and theory: 1) Open-source EDA tool development using Sky130 2) RISC-V micro-architecture design TL-Verilog and Makechip 3) SoC/Physical Design using OpenLANE RTL2GDS tool-chain All the best and Happy Learning..