10/21/2020, 3:01 AM
First Batch on OpenLANE/Sky130 Physical Design workshop So what are the ingredients of GREAT Physical Design Workshop with open-source tools and PDK's? Google+Sky130 130nm pdk's OpenLANE RTL2GDS framework by eFabless 6-months of dedicated content/lab preparation And over excited participants..... Yes, we did it - The below is our dedicated FIRST BATCH of OpenLANE/Sky130 Physical Design workshop. Being the First is really special feeling, and all below participants are now really "Special" for us. And very special Thanks to @User who made them special. Nickson's dedication for last 6-months on preparing for this workshop, was unimaginable. Open-source Hardware industry really needs people like Nickson and below First batch participants, to be future torch bearers of open-source VLSI Thanks @Gautham Pai for being the pillars of VSD-IAT platform which made delivering VLSI workshops a cake-walk. Simple, elegant and scalable Jnaapti Platform Congratulations Everyone and Happy Learning