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11/09/2020, 6:24 AM
@channel Free Demo of Physical design, RISC-V and System Design Workshop As you might be aware of below last 4 workshops of this year, for people who had already attended our previous workshops, are aware of the flow. (5-day) Nov 18-22' 2020 - Beginner Physical Design, qflow/OSU180, By Kunal Ghosh, IIT Bombay Alumni, Founder VSD Corp. Pvt. Ltd. (5-day) Nov 25-29' 2020 - Advanced Physical Design OpenLANE/Sky130, By Kunal Ghosh, eFabless team and Nickson (5-day) Dec 2-6' 2020 - RISC-V using TL-Verilog, By Steve Hoover, Founder, Redwood EDA (1-day) Dec 9' 2020 - System design using Verilog, Prof. V Kamakoti, IIT Madras Here's the link with registration details: But for people, who are joining our workshops for first time, we are arranging 1-hr demo for all workshops on 11 November, 7pm to 8pm IST. If you want a reminder for the same, fill-up below google form, and we will send you meeting invites FEEL FREE TO FORWARD THIS MESSAGE TO YOUR NEEDY FRIENDS IN CASE THEY ARE LOOKING FOR VLSI JOBS OR WANT TO LEARN LATEST IN AREA OF OPEN-SOURCE VLSI AND RISC-V
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