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01/19/2021, 2:13 PM
Ready for Challenge!! Just 24hrs Until OpenLANE/Sky130 workshop + (free) internship Selected participants will have a chance to undergo VSD 8-week Research IP design internship for FREE. Below link has workshop details: Let me answer couple of commonly asked questions about Workshop + Internship: 1) Internships will be given to participants who complete Workshop with a valid git link. It will start from 1st Feb and go on till end of March 2) Workshop - You need to spend at-least 5-6hrs per day 3) Internship - You need to spend max 6-7hrs per day 4) You should be able to do it parallely with your existing commitments, and You will be overloaded. That's how VLSI and Semiconductor industry is 5) If you complete the 8-week Internship, the end is really satisfying. Ask our previous interns So if you are mentally prepared to take up the challenge, then only join Workshop