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Lucas Koerner

04/27/2021, 8:20 PM
Hi folks, I’m interested in extending the skywater / efabless open source project to chip testing. Have there been any efforts in creating open-source test resources that create modular and reusable infrastructure for skywater chip testing? The efforts might include software for instrument and chip control, a generic and reusable data acquisition platform, or common circuit boards that provide most of the needed off-chip circuitry.  In a similar light, I lead an undergraduate ECE instrumentation laboratory. While our students do not have the expertise to do ASIC design and layout they do well with testing and hardware applications. So if there are design teams here that may not have the time for test and application of chips please let me know. I remember back in graduate school when we would get 40 chips back from MOSIS and would have the time to test 3 while the other 37 gathered dust in the closet. By establishing collaborations on the testing side I’d hope more of the chips could be used, deeper studies into the functionality could be completed, and finally, a wider breadth of applications could be explored.
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