<@U016HSAA3RQ> Hello Sir, I want to submit my desi...
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@User Hello Sir, I want to submit my design for MPW-two. It is an analog IP block. I have a doubt, As per the latest update to the repository efabless/caravel :- 1. The folder gds contains the file user_analog_project_wrapper_empty.gds 2. The README, under Analog User Project heading has message saying "Under Construction". 3. At the end of README it says "You don't need to integrate your design with Caravel GDS for MPW two. Running make ship is no longer required." I want to ask that should I wait for Analog user project(mentioned in 2) to get updated or can I make my submission using the gds file mentioned in 1? And also as mentioned in 3, do we have to submit our design repository with required directory structure, only containing `user_project_analog_wrapper`without integrating it with Caravel?