Did you Know? There is a lot of confusion about ...
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Did you Know? There is a lot of confusion about multi-voltage in the industry. An island is a block of logic which can be controlled up-to 7 ways with different electrical controls, as shown. (More are possible as AUX indicates). Any variation in an islands electrical connections across the die/system and any variation in time on the power supplies connected to these islands is multi-voltage design. Multi-voltage design comes in many flavors, all of which can be expressed using this island concept : Examples : 1) Multi-VDD 2) Dynamic Voltage (and Frequency) scaling 3) Standby/Sleep States 4) Power Gating 5) Retention/Balloon latches 6) Body Bias There are many such low power fundamentals, which will be covered as a part of "*5-day Low Power Design Workshop using Sky130*" happening between 14th-18th July, and industry is widely open for candidates with low power profile. Registration at Academic Pricing (85% discount) closes in next 12hrs. Here's the link: https://www.vlsisystemdesign.com/low-power-design/ All the best and happy learning
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