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08/17/2021, 6:23 AM
Grand VLSI Basics to Chip Tapeout workshop series using Sky130 Hi There, VSD is proud to announce a series of high-intensity lab-based RTL2GDS VLSI tapeout based workshops from August to September to October - specially hand-crafted for freshers and mid-level experienced people. The way it has been successfully working over the last few years was because all workshops start at a very basic level on Day-1 (like from mux, gates) and gradually the complexity increases as you proceed along Day 2,3,4,5. Second biggest reason on why VSD tapeout workshops are so popular is because they are easily scalable for 200+ users per cohort and close to 2000+ users per month, while giving personal attention to every participant through LIVE 24/7 QnA over slack channel. Third reason for an effective VSD workshop is that all labs are accessible for 24hrs round the clock on cloud and participants need not worry about installing tools. All they need to do is just focus on concepts/lab videos and run those labs on personalized cloud linux machines, which is fully loaded with all necessary tools Fourth and biggest reason for VSD workshops being in huge demand is ease of joining workshops. VSD understands that it's very difficult for working professionals, parents, and students to join any classes at a specific time. So VSD workshops can be attended from any location and any convenient time of the day, leading to a ease of access and learning from your own time-zone Now coming to technical reasons about VSD VLSI and semiconductor workshop popularity All workshops are connected to a COMMON TECHNOLOGY NODE - Skywater 130nm This has actually removed one layer of confusion which is pretty common around all VLSI freshers using multiple technology nodes for multiple topics of RTL2GDS. In reality, while doing chip design and tapeout, we cannot and should not be changing technology nodes. This is something which is made pretty clear in first day of the workshop and through the entire duration of the workshop, through labs All workshops automatically enable every participant to create a personalized report (and hence a resume) which can be taken directly to the technical manager for recruitment. VSD workshop participants have gained a lot from this process, so you never know - after the above 7-weeks of workshop, you might be the next person which industry is looking for Finally, VSD instructors and teaching assistants (see link below) are so much well versed and experienced with Skywater 130nm tapeout process, that your design might be just the next one which can be converted to a real chip So, take a more holistic approach towards semiconductor and VLSI chip design and learning. I am excited to see all of you in workshops. Here's the registration link with individual workshop links and bulk discount links: