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09/01/2021, 3:58 PM
CMOS circuit design using Sky130 - The most ignored workshop Here are some fun facts about CMOS circuit design workshop 1. It's the most ignored workshop by freshers 2. It helps 90% of VLSI job recruitments starting from Physical design jobs to circuit design to layout design to low power design jobs 3. You can do a lot just by controlling drain-to-source voltage and gate-to-source voltage 4. This workshop is more than just inverter characteristics and threshold voltage 5. This workshop is more about CMOS robustness and why it's the most powerful logic element for so many decades in semiconductors 6. People who have written patents about CMOS logic still claim that they haven't fully understood CMOS, NMOS and PMOS That's how important and critical this workshop is if - 1. You are seriously looking for VLSI jobs, filing patents or writing research papers 2. Be it RTL design interview, or Physical design or low power design or layout design, the more you are in control of you NMOS/PMOS and CMOS voltage levels, you are in 3. A good interviewer from top VLSI design companies ask about CMOS even before interviewing the job description mentioned (at least 90% of interview questions are from this workshop) 4. A good IP designer is in full control of CMOS bias voltages. So if you are going for a VLSI interview or switching jobs into VLSI, and if you say you know everything about CMOS - I would say, Think Twice!! Here's the registration link (Registration closes in 5 days) -