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09/09/2021, 4:03 AM
Wanna do chip tapeout? Know your foundry !! (NOTE - This webinar is generalized for "any" tech node and NOT specific to sky130) As you all might know, VSD is a part of OpenFPGA "Tape-out World" initiative. In that regard, there are many unanswered and curious questions around the word "tape-out" and how is basic "VLSI/Semi-conductor learning" connected to "tape-out". These questions are more from young freshers who are just studying MOSFETs and VLSI as a part of college curriculum. So VSD has teamed up with a very senior person in industry - H S Jatana - who would help us connect all dots from student perspective. Not only that, H S Jatana has been working closely with foundries for close to 30 years, and its so amazing to hear about some common terminologies which connect foundries, tape-out and basic VLSI learning As always, we will do this will be on VSD-IAT cloud platform and you will have a day to access the webinar from 10th September, 11:59pm IST to 11th September, 11:59pm IST. If you need access to the platform, fill-up the below form. Once you do that, you will receive an invitation to "Webinar Welcome call" happening on 10th September, 8pm IST where you will be provided with your login IDs and passwords. That's it. You are all set All the best and happy learning
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