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09/14/2021, 5:51 PM
You Know CMOS - Now build your own PLL in this workshop Below image is a snippet of VCO from our upcoming workshop Hi There, Now that you have learnt about CMOS in previous classes or in your college lectures or have googled about it, just imagine how exciting it would be to build your own design, your own IP, your own product using CMOS logic. We had created close to 30 PLLs in the previous workshop, in just 2-days. These PLLs were built by freshers who had minimal knowledge about PLL or even VLSI. So if they can, you can too.... But the question is, how's that even possible? How can someone build a complex block like PLL in just 2-days? Enters our instructor - Lakshmi from Georgia institute of technology, US, who has modularized the whole learning process so well, that now it's just a matter few clicks to build your own PLL. Isn't it exciting to build something real-life while you learn? Here's the link to register to PLL design using Sky130 workshop- (Registration closes in 48hrs) All the best and happy learning
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