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VSDOpen2021 Tutorial 2 - Digital Design using Virtual FPGA As I mentioned in all my previous emails, this time VSDOpen2021 is dedicated only for VLSI and Semiconductor freshers.  VSDOpen2021 Second Tutorial invites (again) freshers only (strictly freshers) who are looking to learn Digital Design using Verilog from scratch and test it on a virtual FPGA board. What does it mean? We all write Verilog codes. But have we (freshers) ever tested it on hardware? At-least, I didn't have that opportunity in my college. But now, we have a visualization of an FPGA board on cloud, where you can test your verilog code. Testing is something which makes Verilog coding super cool Experts - Feel free to join to encourage freshers and look at our internship cum workshop model Technical Overview: This course will be an in-depth hands-on demo session on the Virtual FPGA Lab using the open-source Makerchip IDE Web platform. The course will start with the introduction of why we need Virtual FPGA Lab and going through the GitHub repository. Then we will introduce the participants to Verilog. Theory is useful, but nothing beats practice!! We will design a 4-way traffic light controller using the concept of Finite State Machines in Verilog. We then visualize the output with LEDs and seven-segment displays in the Makerchip Virtual FPGA platform. Every part of this course has a theory followed by a lab.The student is required to have just a basic understanding of logic gates and no knowledge of the EDA tools is required. Course Curriculum: Section 1: Makerchip and Virtual FPGA Lab theory and Lab Setup • Motivation: Why Virtual FPGA Lab and FPGA programming • Going through the GitHub repository • About the project – Simple 4-way traffic controller – problem statement and end result • Intro to LEDs and seven-segment – theory and lab Section 2: 4-way traffic light controller design • Introduction to Finite State Machines theory • Verilog FSM implementation of traffic light controller design • Integrate with LED and seven-segment Features - Low cost ($10), 1-day, cloud lab based workshop Timings - You can login at your own convenient time during 24-hrs duration of the workshop and start with lectures/labs at your own pace Workshop Start date - 19th October, 11:59pm IST Workshop End date - 20th October, 11:59pm IST Registration link- Indian Participants- https://pages.razorpay.com/fgpainr International Participants- https://pages.razorpay.com/vsdopenfgpa All the best and happy learning