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10/21/2021, 6:00 AM
VSDOpen Industry Talk - Long pending VSD/Synopsys joint programs VSD educational tapeout programs with Sky130 has helped 1000's of students around globe to understand challenges related to tapeouts, pre- and post-silicon. Thanks to industry veterans for helping us to make these programs successful. These programs created talent pools which benefited design companies first-hand. While opensource EDA tools escalated out-of-the-box thinking among VSD community, VSD feels a sense of responsibility to bring its community closer to commercial platforms, which are used daily for tapeouts globally. So please join me in welcoming Dr. Patrick Haspel, Director - Academic Partnerships and University Programs at Synopsys Inc to VSDOpen2021 Industry talk on Importance of Academic & Industry Partnerships: Accelerating Innovation and Workforce Development Register to VSDOpen2021 for FREE (last few hours) using below link- Conference Dates – 23rd October, 8am IST