VSD-HDP projects and respective VLSI job openings ...
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VSD-HDP projects and respective VLSI job openings As you might be aware, VSD-HDP projects are globally recognized. So let me give you some highlights about some projects which you might be doing as a part of 10-week HDP program Project Goal - Design high Frequency analog VCO design and implementation using Sky130 (analog) Project Description - A VCO is the heart of the PLL whose oscillation frequency is controlled by voltage input. In this project, you will attempt to design a high frequency VCO ranging from 200MHz to 915MHz using sky130 technology. This has never been attempted before. So you might be the first one (may be an IP or patent on your name). This project opens up a lot of analog design jobs in VLSI Project Goal - RISC-V based SoC design using PLL, DAC and SRAM (digital and mixed signal) Project Description - This project is an extension of previous projects and you are supposed to write RTL for the entire SoC, do Physical Design/STA/DRC/LVS for this SoC and if possible, tapeout - all using Sky130. Again, a never attempted project and high chance for IP or tapeout. This project opens up a lot of Physical design, STA and Physical Verification related jobs in VLSI Project Goal - DRC Correction Engine (scripting based) Project Description - Analyze common DRC issues, automatically detect and solve them, integrate the DRC fixing functionality into Magic. Expand magic so that “drc why” can explain all potential layers for a given DRC failure without the annotated design rules. This project opens up a lot of CAD related jobs in VLSI Stay tuned to below page for more projects and its respective job openings in VLSI (Registration closes on 10-days) https://www.vlsisystemdesign.com/hdp/ Feel free to drop an email in case of any doubts