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11/28/2021, 1:29 PM
[Last 36hours] - Importance of programming in VLSI Can't articulate in a better way than below, the importance of programming and scripting in VLSI jobs You will be writing short scripts and introduced to scripting in all below workshops If (want to understand starting point of processor || looking for RISC-V jobs) { printf (“Go for RISC-V workshop”); } else if (verilog programming from scratch || RTL design jobs ) { printf (“Go for Verilog RTL design and synthesis workshop”); } else if (analog circuit design jobs || Sky130 MOSFET basics) { printf (“Go for CMOS circuit design and spice simulation workshop”); } else if (placement and routing || Physical design jobs) { printf (“Go for Physical design workshop”); } else if (sky130 based tapeout || Physical verification jobs) printf (“Go for Physical Verification workshop”); } else {               printf (“Looks like you are in really good position. All the best for future endeavors”); } All the best and happy learning