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Next Hardware Design Program Details - Exciting projects around sky130 analog, fpga, risc-v and many more VSD - Hardware design program is totally becoming the next standard for all kinds of VLSI and hardware training. By hardware, we mean analog design, backend design, FPGA, Frontend design, Verification, RISC-V and EDA. This totally sums the entire semiconductor industry, and so does the projects listed in the link below. The list was very carefully designed by industry experts, after studying the latest VLSI job requirements and current training scenario. Now. you will not only learn tools, but you will learn how to use those tools in real time project, giving you first hand experience of project deployment in industry, while it takes care of your basic VLSI fundamentals Go through the headings and subheadings of a particular project, select a project code while payment and you are in for our next cohort starting December 12  Just FYI - There are too many industry job requirements in each of these fields. All they would need a VSD Lab report, which we help to prepare during the program