Exclusive VSD-HDP for Front-end, FPGA, EDA and RIS...
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Exclusive VSD-HDP for Front-end, FPGA, EDA and RISC-V As you know, there are a lot of requests on VSD based Front-end, FPGAs and RISC-V hardware design programs, so here is the list of projects under the exclusive guidance and mentorship of Steve Hoover, Founder of RedWood EDA. Now the word exclusive plays a bigger role here, as the projects listed below are the future of our VLSI industry and getting hold of these projects means you have secured a position in the present and future of the semiconductor industry. Important Note - Interested participants can reply back to this message asking for a detailed description and we will send it across Link for registration - https://www.vlsisystemdesign.com/hdp/ Program start/end date - 2nd January to 13th March, 2022