Tapeout Program completes with STA workshop after ...
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Tapeout Program completes with STA workshop after 11 years It takes time to build anything great. We did run into obstacles, but quality of perseverance overcomes almost everything Building content for the "Tapeout Program" for the global semiconductor community really needed a good team of passionate industry leaders who are not only experts in their domain, but also share a similar vision. It is easy to find STA engineers, but (and this "but" comes with capital "B") it's really challenging to find STA leaders. Though I had enough experience doing STA in my previous jobs from device physics point of view, VSD needed to be fair with the community for such an important topic and decided to look for trusted partners.     VSD got lucky once again to have met Vikas Sachdeva - VLSI coach, trainer, Innovator, Speaker, Bachelor's from IIT Delhi and moreover an amazing human being. He got 8 publications and 2 patents under his belt. Vikas runs a very popular website "*vlsideepdive*" where he is an advisor for early stage products, courses, driving innovation in edtech, learning methods, professional training and coaching VSD is really glad to announce the next workshop with Vikas on "*Sign-off Timing Analysis - Basics to Advanced*" from 2nd to 6th Feb, 2022. The Indian government is pushing hard to propel innovation, build domestic capacities to ensure hardware sovereignty, and build a Semiconductor ecosystem that requires 85,000+ highly trained engineers. This engagement with Vikas is just the beginning of a long term relationship and we plan to work together deeply on Next gen VLSI EdTech which would cater to the needs of Indian semiconductor ecosystem Take a look at "Workshop Content" in below link. All the best and happy learning https://www.vlsisystemdesign.com/sign-off-timing-analysis-basics-to-advanced/