Another bold step by FOSSEE, IIT Bombay towards C2...
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Another bold step by FOSSEE, IIT Bombay towards C2S (Chip To Startup) Program - Cloud based Mixed-Signal Design Hackathon So how is India doing in semiconductors? I would say - Great. This is our 3rd Hackathon in series and 2nd with Indian Semiconductor mission of Chip-to-Startup (C2S) - See logo in above poster I have never seen so much fire in Indian students who are ready to go to the next level of dedication to build a strong semiconductor design community. Upcoming hackathon is another bold step by Prof. Kannan Moudgalya from FOSSEE, Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay with whom we have build tools to conduct world's first and largest for Mixed-signal design hackathon Why Mixed-signal design? First reason - The whole world is analog. Second reason, as of today, when I am writing this post, there is no open-source full-fledged mixed-signal utility which can be accessed by a large scale community over cloud platform. For the first time, a mixed-signal hackathon using opensource tools is being conducted at such a massive scale. We thank our whole dedicated team from bottom of our hearts who made this possible in the interest of the nation. Will reveal team details in next post Here's the link to register. Enroll and be a part of semiconductor history. I am pretty sure these moments will be documented as a part of Indian and World semiconductor history
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