SKY130 RTL design workshop - Enroll, perform, get ...
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SKY130 RTL design workshop - Enroll, perform, get hired by Chipspirit I am very excited to announce that finally VSD and Chipspirit have worked out an exciting hiring strategy for everyone who were unable to perform during past VSD Marathons and hackathons due to personal emergencies, or exams or other commitments . Think of this super low cost high intensity 5-day workshop (same content like previous 5-day SKY130 RTL design workshops, but discounted to $29 from $70) as a mini hackathon, but with a guaranteed job only for participants who perform. Now (of course), there are terms and conditions listed below, but bottom line is you get a job offer only if you perform 1. No CGPA requirement (Rankers/Toppers/Marathon/hackathon Winners - you can skip this if you are already hired) 2. Top 10 Participants who successfully complete the workshop will get a direct job offer from Chipspirit (as per market rate for fresher) in the field of RTL design and will work on some cutting edge projects. 3. Evaluation criteria - A completed workshop lab report as will be explained during the workshop 4. No prerequisites to join this workshop as it covers all necessary basics 5. Location - Anywhere but person should be willing to join in Bangalore-office at work when WFH ends What do you lose? Nothing What do you gain? If you are in the top 10, you get a job. If you are not at top 10, you still get a $70 workshop at $29 For the first time ever, VSD is discounting 5-day workshop costs by more than 50% in the spirit of placing good candidates. Workshop registration link - About Chipspirit- • 50+ years of relevant experience under our belt and former appointments with companies like Intel, Broadcom, LSI, Freescale, Actel, Atmel and Synopsys. • Indian Navy Collaboration - A first of its kind implementation of cutting edge Security Application. • Worked with 7nm executions with a South-Korean multinational Giant. • Worked on the V2X platforms for a European MNC adhering to the ISO26262 standards for Netlist Verification of various Boot up sequences. • Presently working on the latest 10nm development with World’s Largest Processor company for next generation Server products. All the best and happy learning