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04/20/2022, 2:23 PM
Know Your Founder from Chipspirit As you all might know, we are conducting a 5-day RTL design and Synthesis workshop using SKY130 and the top 10 participants will be hired by Chipspirit. This workshop is (for the first time) discounted by 59% in the spirit of hiring great top 10 engineers. While you enroll for this workshop, it's very important for you to know a bit about the founder of Chipspirit. Why so? Because your future career will be shaped based on the vision of your founder, and based on how focused your founder is (A little secret - When I had got my first job at Qualcomm, I had also researched a bit about Irwin Jacobs) While the above image highlights a bit about Chipspirit founder - Mohan Jindal, I would like to give some more info - He has 21 years of experience in VLSI developments, and he has contributed to 30+ silicon tape outs. Mohan left Intel and started Chipspirit in 2018. During his career he earlier worked with LSI, Atmel, and Freescale on chip developments for security, Xeon-Servers, and IOT applications. Mohan completed M.Tech from IIT Kharagpur in Microelectronics and VLSI Design and B.Tech. from CRSCE, Murthal More importantly - He loves "Make In India" If you ask any expert from the VLSI industry, you will get a similar response that working for a product start-up at the initial phases of your career is a really great idea and Chipspirit has it all Here are the 5-day workshop details - All the best and happy learning