05/17/2022, 4:53 AM
Upcoming OSFPGA workshop FAQs There have been many queries by you about content which we are planning to cover in the upcoming "RISC-V on FPGA" workshop organized by the OSFPGA foundation. Let me answer this query with the above image. If you observe, once you receive and develop your specs, there are two branches - FPGA flow and ASIC flow. Generally, it's a good idea to fully test your design on FPGA before going for ASIC as ASIC flow is huge time-to-market. In the upcoming RISC-V on FPGA workshop, the specs which we will be covering is RISC-V ISA, and that is Course 1). We will be quickly testing and verifying the RISC-V core (which you developed in Course 1) by integrating it with an on-board PLL using Xilinx Zedboard and that is Course 2). Finally, we will understand the entire FPGA flow, build our FPGA and test the same RISC-V core (which you developed in Course 1) on the FPGA fabric which you learn in Course 3). If you want to understand RISC-V and its implementation from the basics (like a newbie), a suggestion would be to take Course 2) and Course 3) jointly with Course 1), The below link covers curriculum details about all courses (limited number of students) All the best and happy learning