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07/19/2022, 4:07 AM
efabless sponsored Physical Design workshop content If there's one image which captures the content of the upcoming efabless sponsored "Physical Design workshop using Skywater 130nm PDK", it's the one shown below. Before any sponsorship discussion, VSD and efabless make sure of the fact that the content should cater to participants who have little to no clue about chip design but eventually should be able to tapeout using SKY130. And all of this in a high-intensity, lab-based 5-day workshop format. Here's the link with registration details Thanks to efabless sponsorship, for the first time, VSD can provide more than a 55% discount on this workshop. Take a look at the below content Day 1 Inception of Open Source EDA Skywater PDK Files Invoking OpenLANE Package Importing Design Folder Design Folder Hierarchy Configuration Files Prepare Design Synthesis Day 2 - Floorplanning and Standard Cells Aspect Ratio and Utilization Factor Preplaced Cells Decoupling Capacitors Power Planning Pin Placement Floorplanning with OpenLANE Viewing Floorplan in Magic Placement Viewing Placement in Magic Standard Cell Design Flow Standard Cell Characterization Day 3 - Design Library Cell Spice Simulations Switching Threshold of a CMOS Inverter 16 Mask CMOS Process Steps Magic Layout View of Inverter Standard Cell Magic Key Features Device Inference DRC Errors PEX Extraction with Magic Spice Wrapper for Simulation Day 4 Layout Timing Analysis and CTS An Introduction to LEF Files Standard Cell Pin Placement LEF Generation in Magic Including Custom Cells in OpenLANE Fixing Slack Violations Clock Tree Synthesis Viewing Post-CTS Netlist Post-CTS STA Analysis Day 5 Final Steps in RTL to GDSII Power Distribution Network Generation Global and Detailed Routing SPEF Extraction All the best and happy learning