SKY130 Analog-only HDP Hello to all Analog Enthus...
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SKY130 Analog-only HDP Hello to all Analog Enthusiasts Here are 4 analog projects which are floated for VSD-HDP (Hardware design program), and all of them are using SKY130 and all projects are under the Guidance of Industry Analog Experts 1. {Project code: DAC} - 10 bit potentiometric DAC 3.3v analog voltage, 1.8v digital voltage and 1 off-chip external voltage reference (suited for freshers who want to know the ABC of analog) 2. {Project code: KCEDVCO} - High-Frequency analog VCO design and implementation using Sky130 (MOSFET Basics preferred) 3. {Project Code: LDO} - Low Dropout Regulation: A low-dropout regulator (LDO) is a DC linear voltage regulator that can regulate the output voltage that is powered from a higher voltage input (MOSFET Basics preferred) 4. {Project code - CDCST} - Circuit Design for Capacitive Sensing - Touch/Pressure (MOSFET Basics preferred) The above projects are best suited for anyone who is looking for a well-characterized and more systematic approach to IP design and tape-out. Registration for Analog VSD-HDP closes in 10-days. The below link has all details All the best and happy learning
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