Why Analog HDP? Why SKY130? Why Now? Because they...
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Why Analog HDP? Why SKY130? Why Now? Because they are in demand - all the time Hi There, When we started our full-fledged open-source EdTech platform in 2017, using OSU180nm, the most common and popular questions among freshers and non-backend engineers were First - What is the difference between macros and IPs? Though, theoretically, everyone can answer this question with decent images, but (with capital B), unless we make them build IPs, this question keeps coming up. While others could answer this query over WhatsApp and Telegram in a few minutes, we took 18 months to answer this query. So did we answer this query? By building analog IPs using educational OSU180nm PDKs Next - What is a PDK? Again, the answer can be beautifully articulated by industry experts over WhatsApp and Telegram, but (with capital B), unless we make them use real PDKs, this question keeps coming up. That was the year when Google+SKY130 launched completely open source PDKs, which were used to build analog IPs through hand-curated VSD IP design HDP programs. Result - We handled this question too, by making students open the PDKs using an editor and use them for analog IP design We hit jackpot when we built our own SoC using our own built analog IPs, which made participants very comfortable understanding PDK and IP As I said, analog is in demand - all the time. Launching the next analog HDP program on September 3. Registration closes in 5 -days. Here's the link https://www.vlsisystemdesign.com/hdp/ Below are the top 4 analog HDPs using SKY130 under the guidance of industry analog experts. All the projects lead to guaranteed attention by the industry, as per our experience 1. 10-bit Potentiometric DAC 2. High-frequency analog VCO design 3. Low dropout regulator - LDO 4. Circuit design for capacitive sensing All the best and happy learning
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