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09/01/2022, 6:49 AM
Some brilliant work at the SKY130 HDP program We received many questions regarding the VSD-HDP program, and one quite common question was how is HDP different from training. Well, we build things using SKY130 during the entire 10-week HDP program. The snippets here are a few of the amazing work done by HDP participants, who were either fresher or professionals looking for industry project-based programs. Some of the very initial analog IPs which were taped out using SKY130 were built by freshers, who were guided by professional VSD-HDP mentors Program registration is open for the next 48 hours and below is the link for the same All you need to do is 1) Enroll 2) Drop us an email about one of the analog projects (DAC, LDO, VCO, Sensor) which you would wish to pursue for the next 10 weeks 3) There will be a 1-on-1 session with your mentors, who would check your existing skill set 4) Based on that, the initial hands-on project training workshop starts All the best and happy learning