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10/11/2022, 2:01 PM
VSDOpen2022 - Ground-level efforts to boost Semiconductor tapeouts and Skill Development We are aware that so many conferences globally are quite overwhelming. We are also aware that you are curious to know about some ground-level real-time activities happening in the areas of skill development. While others are doing a great job, the VSDOpen conference is an attempt to bring out some cutting-edge activities especially around open-source EDA with a special focus on skill development using open and proprietary tools. VSDOpen also focuses on milestones achieved by VSD in the past year, and some interesting projects which VSD will be working on in the next year. It's like the VSD Annual Hands-on meeting where everyone is invited for free and allowed to rate us for our work :) Every year, VSDOpen presents tangible work done on grounds by young souls from the semiconductor industry. Putting a bit of stress on "*Young souls from the semiconductor industry*"- Our speakers are Young By-Heart and so we have Prof. Kamakoti, Director of IIT Madras and Rob Mains, General Manager CHIPS Alliance. Prof. Kamakoti and Rob Mains, both have done exceptionally well for the community when it comes to open source and RISC-V. Their presence in VSDOpen (which is a 5-year-old online conference) brings out a sense of Quality Validation about VSDOpen VSD has been very lucky to have done the first ever cloud-based analog IC design hackathon with Synopsys and our next speaker Avina Verma, Group Director, R&D in Synopsys is going to present a talk about Visually assisted layouts and how it can be a breakthrough for lower nodes analog design. This gives a great opportunity for students and researchers to get hands-on with new technology Finally, we are very thankful to Tim Ansell and Johan Euphrosine (Proppy) from Google for their generous sponsorship, collaboration and support throughout VSDOpen2022. Tim and Proppy have been very instrumental in many VSD activities. including the very recent and largest SKY130-based mixed-signal hackathon in collaboration with IIT Bombay And This is not all - Will introduce everyone to the second set of VSDOpen2022 speakers in the next blog. VSDOpen Free registration closes in 3-days. Here's the link. Hurry!!!
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