<@U016ULGAUNM> That's a wonderful question. I don'...
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@User That's a wonderful question. I don't have an answer but your question guided where to look. I think the easiest comparison can be doing spice simulation (Spectre to be exact) using the sky130 pdk and the RRAM spice model I have. I can compare the performance of the 1T1R ( 1 transistor 1 ReRAM ) using both PDKs. It can be a good starting point. In parallel, we can think about the fabrication process and it's parameters which needs to be more detailed. We can discuss the oxide material thickness and our device dimensions. But to start, unfortunately and embarrassingly I wasn't able to integrate the sky130 pdk with my EDA ( cadence virtuoso ) because of my little GitHub and Linux knowledge. I can work with Magic too but couldn't install that too. If someone can help me with that or walk me through that, I will be really glad.