[Last 2 days] FPGA power, performance, area analys...
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[Last 2 days] FPGA power, performance, area analysis There is a reason why our seniors have been asking us to focus on fundamentals rather than tools. Fundamentals of an FPGA power, performance and area analysis is very similar to that of an SoC. Techniques to measure them are tool dependent. VSD team has an advantage of having SoC and Embedded background, which helped to compare both flows in terms of time-to-market and PPA There are many such interesting details (including the above one) being covered as a part of an upcoming FPGA workshop. This is one of its kind, state-of-the-art workshop, where we are not only just building applications using Xilinx Basys boards, but we are entering into FPGA chips and exploring what exactly is happening there, from SoC point of view Registration link (Last 2 days) https://www.vlsisystemdesign.com/fpga/ Your FPGA journey doesn't end there. We are planning some cool (paid) hardware design programs in and around FPGAs with our OpenFPGA partners. Planning is underway. Stay tuned. All the best and happy learning