# osu

Teo Ene

09/22/2020, 9:49 PM
@User As far as I am understanding, the process of adding diodes on every cell and then removing the ones that are needed is not intrinsically a feature of the SkyWater library, but rather of the place-and-route tools used to process it. The SkyWater standard cell kits provide a "fake diode" cell, which is just a filler cell with no active layers and the same LEF metal footprint as the real antenna cells. To answer your question, we also provide such a cell. The place-and-route tool we have been using for internal testing does not require this process, as it can add antenna cells post-route and fix placement afterwards. We have been testing our own standard cells with this flow and have observed the tool properly adding diode cells. We've only been opening up and looking at the SkyWater standard cells for about a week and a half now, so we haven't had a chance to observe how our tool handles antenna violations therein. But we have every reason to believe that our place-and-route flow can handle antenna violations in the SkyWater standard cells without requiring the "fake diode" solution.