# osu

Adrian Freed

10/03/2020, 5:09 PM
They have spice format card decks in them, but they have the same depracated names, e.g.: .subckt INVX1 A Y M1000 Y.t1 A.t0 gnd gnd nshort w=1u l=0.15u + ad=0.265p pd=2.53u as=0.265p ps=2.53u M1001 Y.t0 A.t1 vdd vdd pshort w=3u l=0.15u + ad=0.795p pd=6.53u as=0.795p ps=6.53u C0 m1_n35_0# Y 0.047670fF C1 A Y 0.013384fF C2 m1_n35_1379# m1_n35_0# 0.033951fF C3 vdd Y 0.001338fF C4 m1_n35_1379# Y 0.026952fF R0 A.n0 A.t1 824.755 R1 A.n0 A.t0 429.514 R2 A A.n0 7.5 R3 Y Y.t0 200.833 R4 Y Y.t1 179.134 C5 vdd gnd 0.474240fF C6 Y.t0 gnd 0.064007fF C7 Y.t1 gnd 0.023907fF C8 A.t1 gnd 0.049713fF C9 A.t0 gnd 0.019559fF .ends