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@User @User: I could need a little help: Openlane/OpenROAD complains about "Site check failed" : http://pdk.libresilicon.com/caravel-build8.html Warning: Site check failed (11). AND2X1 AND2X2 AOI21X1 which according to https://github.com/The-OpenROAD-Project/OpenROAD/blob/70f7b682b3c381bd9b6e4466017dbac46fa71d9f/src/opendp/src/CheckPlacement.cpp#L67 should meant that the SIZE 3.68 BY 2.72 ; would not be divisible by site_width and row_height, but I think my cells (https://github.com/thesourcerer8/caravel-stdcelllib-stdcells/tree/release/cells ) should be OK. Could you please take a look whether you can spot any problems?