Hi <@U01819B63HP> excuse me, could you tell me ple...
# xschem
Hi @Stefan Schippers excuse me, could you tell me please meaning of this error! I am trying to fetch and print transistor's drain current in the circuit. Thanks.
I think is .option without the S
@Roberto Di Lorenzo I do not think that is the reason. Example from NGSPICE's Manual,
is used. Thanks
@Stefan Schippers!
please send the complete netlist (the .spice file)
Hi @Stefan Schippers the spice file is attached.
Thank you, the problem is due to a component in xschem. Please save the attached file and save in your xschem installation, overwriting the old symbol:
cp simulator_commands_shown.sym  .../share/xschem/xschem_library/devices
In above command replace
with the location of your xschem installation, may be
or your home directory. This problem was fixed in xschem 3 days ago, but instead of reinstalling everything just copy this new symbol. Then generate the xschem netlist again.
Thanks @Stefan Schippers. The component is fixed and the problem is fixed. Thanks.
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