Hello efabless, can you please ship parts back dea...
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Hello efabless, can you please ship parts back dead or alive? No need to send the board even. We need to make sure that you are really supported by a fab, Skywater.Please don't think about what people will do with dead parts. The community wants to confirm that you guys can manufacture chips.
if you want to see people talking about their chips, then check linkedin, lots of people posting there. Also the #mpw-two-silicon is where we are doing bringup on mpw2
Dear @Matt Venn You are right but please note that the lack info about MPWs’ progress is making everybody feels uncomfortable about the whole program. I think @jeffdi should really rethink about his strategy to notify about each wafer’s progress.
BTW any news regarding MPW3?
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@manili Agreed. I understand the whole open-source IC movement is still in baby steps, but many of us are graduate students, and our funding can only last 2-3 years. If E-fabless can give us updates/time estimates, that'd make our research planning a lot easier.
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