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Tim Edwards

07/17/2020, 4:51 PM
@User: Yes, the keypad keys got reassigned and I did not update the tutorial for the new assignments. Overall I think the new(er) key bindings are better (for one, there are a lot more of them). But they do assume a keypad. I thought keypads were ubiquitous---but I guess some of the smaller laptops like to compress out that space (really, your desktop is TKL?). Anyway, it is possible (1) to compile magic with the old keybindings (the ones that match the tutorials) (see "configure --help" in the source code); or (2) make a file of the preferred key bindings and read it as part of the .magicrc startup file. The .magicrc file that comes with open_pdks for the SkyWater process has a reference to "sky130A-BindKeys" which was a badly-conceived attempt to map to standard Cadence bindings (which is why it is disabled), but it could be replaced with a decent set of macros that work for people without keypads.

Jeremy Holleman

07/17/2020, 8:24 PM
I think it is pretty common for people to use a laptop almost exclusively and VNC into a workstation/server, leading to a keypadless environment quite often (this is my general arrangement).

Matthew Guthaus

07/18/2020, 6:29 AM


07/18/2020, 9:16 AM
It's popular to get mechanical keyboards that are TKL and even cutting the function key row, moving it to Fn+Number
But then, that's just opting into pain at some level